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Partners in Print English/Spanish Combo Package: Primary

Product Details

Partners in Print is the #1 parent-involvement program for improving literacy.

Schools across the U.S. are using Partners in Print to help reinforce the role of parents as positive and caring forces in their children’s literacy development.

Partners in Print is a ready-to-go program with instructions and corresponding resources for conducting up to fifteen literacy workshops, each focused around a different literacy theme and skill.

Basic Kit Components - Details
Basic Kit includes the following components:
Program Binder/Workshop Resource Guide
A user-friendly notebook contains point-by-point directions and reproducibles for program planning teams to promote and conduct up to 15 literacy workshops.
Staff-training DVD
A DVD containing an overview of Partners in Print as well as demonstrations of Partners in Print in action. (30 minutes)
52 Home-Activity Sheets
A home-activity sheet is available for each workshop station to encourage the use of skills learned in the workshops at home. Parents receive tips for working with children in addition to recommended literature selections.
21 Overhead Transparencies
Projectable transparencies feature key program points for use by planning teams during in-services and workshop presentations.
55 Activity Posters
Eye-catching activity posters are included for each workshop, listing clear, numbered, directions for the station activities. Parents and presenters refer to these posters for guidance as they interact with children at each station.

About the Workshops
What do the workshops consist of? Each workshop consists of the following:

  • Clear overview of each workshop and its goals
  • Concrete planning information

  • Welcome and Introduction
  • Important highlights of each session
  • Discussion points

  • Station Rotation Information
  • Station reviews are concise and clearly stated
  • Strategies are modeled for parents and children and practiced in a partnership environment
  • Materials needed are easy to find
  • Engaging range of activities

  • Closing and Evaluation
  • Wrap-up segment clearly summarizes the content of the sessions
  • In the workshops, parents, teachers, and children work together as they rotate through each of the four workshop stations. Each workshop station includes simple instructions and all of the resources for the literacy activity at hand.

    List of Workshops for Primary Level (Most schools complete 5 to 7 workshops a year.)

    1. Opening Night (Program Introduction)
    2. Drawing Meaning from Text
    3. Book Selection
    4. Conventions of Print
    5. Building Self-Esteem
    6. Reading Methods
    7. Playing with Print (View Sample)
    8. The Reading/Writing Connection
    9. Praise, Pause, Prompt, and Predict
    10. Reading Favorites
    11. Reading Extensions
    12. Phonemic Awareness
    13. Writing
    14. Comprehension
    15. Grand Finale

    How is Partners in Print implemented?

    What else should I consider when setting up Parent Involvement/Family Literacy workshops?
    Many schools face the challenge of finding creative ways to get parents to be involved. Once you get them to the first Partners in Print workshop, it’ll be much easier! To start, here are some ideas of what to do to promote your “Family Literacy Night” or event.

    • Post articles or posters in the school (main office and classrooms) advertising the literacy night.
    • Develop a newsletter for parents.
    • Have students write letters home, advertising the program and inviting parents.
    • Distribute flyers in school and district mailboxes.
    • Display posters in the local library, YMCA, post office, etc.
    • Announce at PTA meetings.
    • Post on school and/or district web sites.

    Hint: Refreshments are always a big draw!

    Besides the workshop instructions, what else is included in the Partners in Print Program Binder?

    • Program Overview and Background
    • Information about Who to Involve and How to Lead the Initiatives
    • Evaluation Forms
    • Parent Letters and RSVP forms
    • Surveys
    • Book Lists
    • Recording Sheets for Workshop Presenters
    • Workshop Schedule
    • Inservice resources for planning teams

    About the Libraries
    Partners in Print Libraries are available for ready-to-go use of the program. Each workshop station indicates materials needed for that station. Most of the time, books are needed. So the libraries consist of books from Pacific Learning’s series to complement the activity at hand in each station. Partners in Print Libraries are included in the Complete Packages, but are also available separately.

  • Partners in Print English Library: Primary
  • Partners in Print Spanish Library: Primary
  • List of book titles included in the libraries: Partners in Print Primary (PreK-2)

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