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CSI Chapters is a leveled collection of 25 original chapter books in both hard copy and interactive e-book formats that are designed to accelerate comprehension development, vocabulary acquisition, and content literacy. Geared toward Grades 3-8, the titles vary in length from 24 pages to 32 pages. The fiction titles include financial literacy themes, science fiction, and realistic fiction. The nonfiction titles are designed to support students’ reading comprehension across science, math, and social studies as well as general nonfiction. Using a metacognitive learning approach to support and scaffold students, CSI Chapters gives students the confidence and skills needed to tackle any text.

CSI Chapters Complete Package gives you access to the full range of text types represented in the series, including financial literacy, graphic nonfiction, biography, poetry, science fiction, and more! The Complete Package is ideal for sharing with multiple classrooms, giving your students access to engaging and authentic texts at the level they need.

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