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Help your students jump into literacy! Hopscotch includes 127 multicultural leveled readers featuring colorful photographs capturing characters and situations that children can relate to. Children will be excited to read and talk about Hopscotch books as if they were all about them!

Hopscotch highlights:

  • Culturally relevant books featuring images that capture children’s interests and their life experiences
  • Written by academic intervention specialists for language and literacy development
  • Text levels ranging from Guided Reading Levels A-Q, Intervention Levels 1-40
  • Titles for Level N-Q are written is Spanish, and titles for levels A-C, D-I, and J-M are written in both English and Spanish (not translated or adapted)

Hopscotch also features four intervention systems in Spanish and three intervention systems in English, designed for struggling kindergarten to fourth-grade students: Literacy Intervention Systems (LIS) and El Sistema de la Intervención de Lectura (SIL).

These intensive 6-9 week programs focus on comprehension, fluency, and writing in 30- to 35-minute lessons.

These systems focus on the following literacy skills:

  • Comprehension
  • Syllable and word work
  • Vocabulary
  • Reading and writing strategies
  • Reading and writing fluency
  • Speaking and Listening
  • Text Structures

They also provide the following support for your literacy intervention program:

  • Explicit and systematic instruction for small groups
  • Support for identifying individual student strengths and needs
  • Assessments for documentation and for lesson implementation
  • Opportunities for accelerated progress from text Level A to C, D-I, and J-M, and N-Q in 6 to 9 weeks
  • The opportunity to monitor students' progress on a daily basis
  • Take-home support for parent involvement
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