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Promote the reading-writing connection with motivating mentor texts and more! Written by early childhood literacy specialist and popular children's author Rozanne Lanczak Williams, each book in this delightful collection introduces a different form of writing. These engaging tales use fun-loving characters to motivate and encourage young readers to want to write on their own. At the end of each book, a "Your Turn to Write" page provides entertaining activities designed to build K-2 writing skills. Children simply follow the example of characters in the story to create posters, journal entries, stories, friendly letters, and more!

The Learn to Write series supports teachers with effective resources to:

  • Easily select resources inked to specific writing standards
  • Model key writing concepts
  • Connect reading to writing
  • Offer motivating, easy-to-read mentor texts for small group or independent use
  • Provide audio support for struggling readers
  • Connect school to home
See how Learn to Write aligns with Common Core!
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