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Pacific Learning offers great ways to save as you’re building up your bookroom or classroom libraries.

All bookroom packages are discounted up to 10% off.

Leveled book packages from Pacific Learning highlight:

  • Books available from levels A – Z
  • Wide range of fiction and nonfiction
  • Variety of genres, themes, and topics
  • Content area reading
  • Book-specific lesson plans for guided reading or small group intervention (View Samples)
  • Book-specific follow-up activities (View Samples)
  • Books correlated to Common Core and state standards: Search Standards
  • Organization tools such as containers, bags, and labels with bookrooms
  • Searchable database of books to help find the right books for the right purpose

Engaging, leveled books from the various Pacific Learning series are compiled into packages that help you match books to students to encourage reading success and progress. By incorporating Pacific Learning books into your bookrooms or classroom libraries, you’re providing students with:

  • Access and exposure to a variety of genres procedure, narrative, explanation, report, recounts, plays, etc.)
  • Understanding of the different types of text features (diagrams, headings, maps, photographs, labels, illustrations, etc.)
  • Practice with comprehension skills (making comparisons, using the context to determine and deepen meaning, reading and writing instructions, using diagrams as a source of information, etc.)
  • Background and prior knowledge across various topics (science, social studies, health, sports, and more)
  • Increased vocabulary (indirect and direct)
  • Motivation to read and to keep on reading

Fill your bookrooms and classroom libraries to provide students with access to a wide range of exciting books from the following series:
Big Cat
Guided Reading Levels A-P
Engaging fiction and nonfiction texts with a trade-book appeal. Provides students with a fresh approach to reading comprehension.

View sample pages
CSI Chapters
Guided Reading Levels M-V
Authentic, engaging titles across content areas that motivate students with a variety of texts including graphic novel format, science fiction, humor, and more!

View sample pages
High-Fliers Chapter Books
Guided Reading Levels N-Z
Engaging fiction and nonfiction, with a wide range of levels, genres, and topics. Includes biographies.
Guided Reading Levels A-C
Multicultural leveled readers (in English and Spanish) featuring photographs capturing characters and situations that children can relate to.

View sample pages
Inside Science
Guided Reading Levels O-S
Covers the four main branches of science using high-interest text, captivating images, and hands-on science experiments.

View sample pages
Learn to Read
Guided Reading Levels A-J
Engaging level readers with a range of topics and titles for grades K-2 (from our sister company, Creative Teaching Press).

View sample pages
Guided Reading Levels K-L
Humorous books about Toocool's sports adventures; supports fluency and comprehension.

View sample pages
Guided Reading Levels F-R
High-interest texts that scaffold students through reading nonfiction, focusing on main ideas.

View sample pages
Guided Reading Levels L-Q
High-interest nonfiction texts, linking literacy to math. Helps students deduce, using key math vocabulary.

View sample pages

Bookrooms help save money and time, as teachers check out and share resources from a central location. If you have a bookroom or two set up, be sure to refresh and add books to keep the excitement going during small group or guided reading instruction. Need more books at certain levels? Pacific Learning offers Book Sets By Level. If you would like to customize a bookroom package to meet specific classroom needs, please contact Pacific Learning or find your local representative.

Pacific Learning bookrooms provide you with everything you need for easy organization and set up of books in your bookroom.
  • Books come shrink-wrapped in packs of six
  • Sturdy, cardboard book containers are included which store around four six-packs of books each
  • Plastic storage bag for each six-pack
  • Large labels for book containers
  • Small labels with title and level for each book/storage bag
  • Leveled Libraries CD-ROM with searchable database of books, and lesson plans and reproducible activities for printing or copying.
  • Classroom Libraries
    Classroom Libraries are a crucial part of every classroom. It’s important that students have a wide selection of engaging books at the right levels for independent reading. Check your classroom libraries to be sure your students have access to a wide selection of genres, themes, and topics, as well as the right levels of books to challenge yet not frustrate them.

    Research shows that classroom libraries improve student achievement.

    Children in classrooms with libraries read more and read more widely.
    The IRA Position Statement, Providing Books and Other Print Materials for Classroom and School Libraries (2000), children in classrooms without collections read 50% less than children with collections! (Morrow, 1998).

    "Children who are allowed to self-select to read and have access to varied sources of print materials in their classrooms, school libraries, town libraries and at home, read more and read more widely, both for pleasure and for information…School libraries and classrooms must have an adequate amount of reading material for each child in order to create a fair balance between children who receive access to books outside of school and those who do not."

    To access this position paper, please see the IRA’s website at

    Students who read independently score higher on achievement tests.
    Students who read independently become better readers, score higher on achievement tests in all subject areas, and have greater content knowledge than those who do not (Krashen 1993; Cunningham and Stanovich 1991; Stanovich and Cunningham 1993).

    You can read the complete research paper "Independent Reading and School Acheivement" on the American Association of School Libraries website.

    Leveled Libraries CD-ROM – new and improved
    Differentiated instruction made easy! Use this searchable database with your bookroom to find the right books for the right purpose.

    Search books by level, genre, topic, and more!

    View book-specific information and print lesson plans and blackline masters for independent follow-up to your small group instruction.

    Now you can add in books from your existing collection into the database, so that all of your book information is stored in this easy-to-access searchable database.

    Minimum Specifications

    An Intel Pentium III 500 processor running Windows 2000, XP, or Vista
    128 MB of installed RAM

    Macintosh OS X
    A Power Macintosh G3 running System 10.2 or later
    128 MB of available RAM

    Several Bookroom packages include this Leveled Libraries CD-ROM. It is available separately for individual workstations. For a school-or district-wide site license for networking or use on an unlimited number of workstations, please contact us for a price quote or find your local representative.

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