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Q: How much time do I need to implement Partners in Print within my school?
A: Initially, there are 1-2 in-service (1 at the Intermediate/Middle level) to be conducted with staff and parents who will be leading the program. For each literacy workshop for parents and children, it will take a total of about 1-1.5 hours at the Primary level and 1.5-2 hours at the Intermediate/Middle level from start to finish. Each workshop includes some time for meeting and greeting, as well as some time for overview information, plus four 10-15 minute station rotation sessions. Although the Partners in Print Primary kit includes up to 15 workshops and the Intermediate/Middle kit includes 13 workshops, most schools use around 4-7 per year.

Q: How does the Partners in Print curriculum meet Title I requirements? A: All Title I programs require the inclusion of a formal, well-organized parent-involvement component. Partners in Print is a ready-to-go resource that meets this need. It helps get parents involved in their child’s literacy development by giving practical tips for helping children at home. Included in Partners in Print are research-based literacy workshops that focus on skills and strategies linked with your school curriculum. Parent-friendly instructions and valuable resources accompany this program making it easy to incorporate into any school improvement or Title I plan.

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