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Increase your students' math skills with this nonfiction series. Trackers-Math is a series of 32 high-interest, nonfiction books for linking literacy to math. Trackers-Math has been uniquely designed with embedded features that scaffold students through real-life application of basic math skills and vocabulary. This series is available for grades 2 – 3 (reading levels), with an interest level up through grade 5. The short pieces of text and close picture-to-text match make it a great fit for struggling students either independently or during small group instruction.

Great for Intervention!

Trackers-Math is designed to help students:

  • Develop proficiency with word problems
  • Deduce content using key math vocabulary
  • Improve comprehension
  • Recognize and use nonfiction text features
  • Apply specific math skills and literacy using real-life application

Math Vocabulary Focus: addition, subtraction, counting, comparing, estimating, patterns, shapes, multiplication, division.

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