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Cool Clive

Summary: Deep down, Clive knows he is a cool kid -- unfortunately his nerdy hand-me-down clothes hide this fact from everyone else! When Clive sees the exact pair of shoes he wants, he decides to earn...
Regular Price: $7.50
Item # PL-7300

Cool Clive and the Bubble Trouble

Summary: Thanks to his little sister, Jade, Clive's life is a mess! This time, Jade (with a little unexpected help from Clive) has agreed to take care of Bubble the hamster during school vacation. Thi...
Regular Price: $7.50
Item # PL-7301

Cool Clive and the Little Pest

Summary: Clive's little sister, Jade, is a mess! It is the first day of school and she is terrified, so Mom tells Clive to take care of her. Clive does his best, but despite his best efforts, Jade man...
Regular Price: $7.50
Item # PL-7302

Me and My Newt

Summary: Carl is sick of getting pushed around by big Ben Schultz. One day, Carl and his best friend, Kate, find a sick newt in a pond. They fish it out and nurse it back to health. As the newt gets b...
Regular Price: $7.50
Item # PL-7303


Summary: "Od ear," poor Scrapman says. When Winston built Scrapman out of spare parts found around the junkyard, he wasn't able to find a very good brain for Scrapman, and now poor Scrapman has gotten...
Regular Price: $7.50
Item # PL-7304

Scrapman and the Incredible Flying Machine

Summary: After working so hard to help Winston build the incredible flying machine, Scrapman is disappointed that he won't be allowed to fly in it. Then, when Winston can't get the flying machine off ...
Regular Price: $7.50
Item # PL-7305

Scrapman and Scrapcat

Summary: When Winston goes home every evening, Scrapman is lonely, so he builds himself a friend -- a cat made out of spare parts. However, poor Scrapman's brain makes a lot of mistakes, and he thinks...
Regular Price: $7.50
Item # PL-7306

Here Comes Trouble

Summary: Poor Trudy can't help being clumsy, but it's ruining her life. All of the kids avoid her at school, and even her teacher is fed up with her clumsiness. When Trudy visits elegant Ms. Willow an...
Regular Price: $7.50
Item # PL-7307

Doohickey and the Robot

Summary: Doohickey thinks working as a professor's assistant will be exciting. Then he finds out that the job is all about household chores and doesn't involve exciting experiments at all. Doohickey d...
Regular Price: $7.50
Item # PL-7308

Robbie Woods and His Merry Men

Summary: Robbie Woods is always the last kid chosen for everything -- plays, games, you name it. So when his class decides to do a play about Robbie's hero, Robin Hood, Robbie decides it's time to cha...
Regular Price: $7.50
Item # PL-7309
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