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Who Knew?

What could you buy from the very first vending machine? How many songs could the first MP3 player hold? How much do you really know about where some of today's best ideas came from? CSI Cha...
Regular Price: $5.95
Item # PL-6373


Can one crash affect the entire world? It can if it's a stock market crash! What is the stock market? Why does it sometimes crash? Find out how past crashes have affected people's lives, and what ...
Regular Price: $5.95
Item # PL-6374

Aliens: Uggles Meet Wopples

Uggles hate Wopples, and Wopples hate Uggles. That's just a fact. So what happens when Utterly Uggle and his mother come face-to-face with some Wopples in outer space? CSI Chapters is a lev...
Regular Price: $5.95
Item # PL-6350

The Boy Who Saved Too Much

Is it possible to save too much money? Federico needs to save a lot of money to reach a big goal, but he must learn some important lessons along the way! CSI Chapters is a leveled collectio...
Regular Price: $5.95
Item # PL-6351

The Garden

Receiving a gift is always a nice surprise. But what if the gift will cost money to keep? CSI Chapters is a leveled collection of 25 original chapter books in both hard copy and interactive...
Regular Price: $5.95
Item # PL-6352

It's a Deal

Jenna can't wait to buy a new phone. But when something unexpected happens, she has to figure out a different, more risky way to buy it! CSI Chapters is a leveled collection of 25 original ...
Regular Price: $5.95
Item # PL-6353

Diary of Invisible Me

"Just when I've decided that Josh and his friends have won, Mr. A shows up. I know he's trying to be nice, but why should I come back here again? In this school, bullies always win... don't they?"...
Regular Price: $5.95
Item # PL-6354

Terrifying Beast of the Deep

What has over 250 razor-sharp teeth, eyes as big as basketballs, and a bite more powerful than a T. rex? Read on, if you dare... CSI Chapters is a leveled collection of 25 original chapter ...
Regular Price: $5.95
Item # PL-6355

Who Did It?

It takes more than just a good detective to solve a serious crime. These days, forensic scientists use new technologies to answer the important question: "Who did it?" CSI Chapters is a lev...
Regular Price: $5.95
Item # PL-6356

Ice Pilots

If you think that flying in bad weather is scary, keep in mind the "ice pilots." They fly in and out of some of the world's most dangerous places! CSI Chapters is a leveled collection of 25...
Regular Price: $5.95
Item # PL-6357
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