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From Rock to Rap

Summary: Can your clothes show what music you like? This book explores different genres of music and the fashion trends that go with them, or aspired from them. Text Type: Expository, Explanation ...
Regular Price: $5.00
Item # PL-5950

Stripes and Stars

Summary: Stripes and stars are all around us. Take a look at the different types of animals, games, flags, and more that have stars and stripes. Text Type: Expository, Explanation Theme/Topic: ...
Regular Price: $5.00
Item # PL-5951

What Rots?

Summary: Most things rot. Is that good or bad? How do we stop it? Take a look at the tings that rot like plants, animals, food, and more. Text Type: Expository, Explanation Theme/Topic: Earth S...
Regular Price: $5.00
Item # PL-5952

Amazing Mazes

Summary: Can you get through these mazes? Use the code to help you. Text Type: Expository, Procedure Theme/Topic: Math, Graphics, and Statistics, Personal Responsibility
Regular Price: $5.00
Item # PL-5953

Come Closer

Summary: Where exactly do you live? Somewhere in space? This book takes a step closer and explores the hierarchy of where we live. From the Universe to the Solar System to your house...and everything ...
Regular Price: $5.00
Item # PL-5954

Outside Art

Summary: Is it a wall? Is it a tree? Or is it art? See different types of buildings, statues, and sculptures that have transformed the ordinary outdoors into works of art! Text Type: Expository, E...
Regular Price: $5.00
Item # PL-5955

It's Magic!

Summary: How do they do that? Read here to find out how some tricks are done. Then try the tricks for yourself and watch as your friends are amazed! Text Type: Expository, Procedure Theme/Topic...
Regular Price: $5.00
Item # PL-5956

Hawk Eyes

Summary: How many? What? Where? Why? Pictures to puzzle over. Try some brain teasers that ask you to take a closer look and see what is really there. Text Type: Expository, Explanation Theme/To...
Regular Price: $5.00
Item # PL-5957

Skeleton Clues

Summary: Bones tell stories from long, long ago. Find out how bones give us clues about things such as animal food, animal families, the world then and now, and more. Text Type: Expository, Explan...
Regular Price: $5.00
Item # PL-5958

Pick Out a Person

Summary: Where is the man with the funny wig, and what is he doing there? See if you can spot the list of things in each picture. Text Type: Expository, Explanation Theme/Topic: Art and Music, ...
Regular Price: $5.00
Item # PL-5959
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