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Hipólito Hipón está en apuros

Summary: Big Bubba Hippo lives in the Ringting River with Big Papa Hippo and Big Mama Hippo. Big Bubba always listens to what his mama and his papa say - well, nearly always! Text Type: Read-Aloud,...
Regular Price: $6.71
Item # PL-6000SP

Los carritos de carreras del abuelo Abelardo

Summary: Some kids on tricycles went zooming past Grandpa Grundy's gate. "Well, pop my buttons," said Grandpa Grundy. "I want to go zooming down the street, too." But when Grandpa Grundy found his old...
Regular Price: $6.71
Item # PL-6001SP

Una serpiente gigante

Summary: Duck and Hen and Rooster have their feathers in a flap again! A great, big, enormous snake is wriggling and wriggling and wriggling, right up the middle of the big, big store. But Goose isn't...
Regular Price: $6.71
Item # PL-6002SP

El bebé canguro busca amigos

Summary: Baby Kangaroo loved jumping along in his mother's pouch. But he was all on his own in the pouch, and sometimes he got lonely. One day, Baby Kangaroo saw some rabbit babies. "Do you want to co...
Regular Price: $6.71
Item # PL-6003SP

El pequeño Heli, ¡al rescate!

Summary: Big Heli and Little Heli are rescue helicopters. They rescue animals. The radio voice says, "Helicopters, helicopters, we need you. Hurry, hurry, hurry, there is work to do." Hurry, Little He...
Regular Price: $6.71
Item # PL-6004SP

Las aventuras del ratonzote valiente

Summary: One day, Big Mouse said to Little Mouse, "I'm going to see the big, big world. Come with me and do what I do!" But DANGER was waiting in the big, big world... Text Type: Read-Aloud, Fictio...
Regular Price: $6.71
Item # PL-6005SP

El tío Dario y el ratón Ramón

Summary: Uncle Wunkle was coming to stay with Archie and Annie. "Miggle Mouse will have to stay in her cage," said Mrs. Moggle. "Uncle Wunkle doesn't like mice. "But that night Miggle Mouse squeezed o...
Regular Price: $6.71
Item # PL-6006SP

Maya y el abejorro

Summary: Maizy put on her yellow shirt with black stripes and her big, bouncy, flouncy hat that looked like a sunflower. She went skipping and tripping down the road, because it was such a nice day. B...
Regular Price: $6.71
Item # PL-6007SP

Ben y el bebé búho

Summary: A baby owl came tap, tap, tapping on Luke's window. He was shivering and shaking and staring at Luke with eyes like two big moons. "Are you scared of the night?" asked Luke. "You can stay her...
Regular Price: $6.71
Item # PL-6008SP

Rubí Alcocer

Summary: Ruby Blair with the curly red hair loved her spotty, dotty pajamas. She loved to wear them everywhere! Everyone would stare at Ruby Blair with the curly red hair. But Ruby Blair didn't care! ...
Regular Price: $6.71
Item # PL-6009SP
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