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Jill Eggleton

Jill Eggleton

Author of Splash and Connectors

Jill Eggleton is an International Educational consultant, with a wide variety of teaching experiences, spanning thirty years. She has taught in many schools of diff erent socio-economic and cultural backgrounds. She has been an Assistant Principal for several years in large urban schools and a teacher representative on a school board.

Jill has worked as a lecturer training teachers in ‘Balanced Literacy’ and has been a keynote speaker at International Reading conferences. She has presented workshops at conferences in New Zealand, United States, Australia, Canada, and Papua New Guinea.

Currently, Jill provides practical in-service training in the area of "Balanced Literacy" for teachers throughout New Zealand and internationally. She is a consultant in a large multi-cultural school, where she trains teachers. She works in the classroom assisting with the implementation of literacy programs. Jill Eggleton is an author of numerous children’s books, poetry, and teacher resources in the organization and management of balanced literacy, assessment and evaluation.

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