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Neale Pitches
ONZM, BA, MEd Admin (Hons), Dip Tchg.

Neale PitchesCo-developer of CSI & CSI Chapters

Neale was honored by the Queen in 2003 for his contribution to New Zealand education, following 9 years as the founding Chief Executive of the New Zealand government-owned publisher Learning Media Limited, and a career as a principal and teacher in rural, inner-city and suburban schools.

Neale has a history of pioneering innovative literacy materials for intermediate level students, and above. He is currently leading a team of educators, software developers and publishers in the development of CSI Chapters, an extension of the successful CSI: Comprehension Strategies Instruction. The CSI series is a resource for intermediate, middle school and high school students and teachers designed to promote improved literacy performance across all content areas by combining guided and shared reading with new digital technologies for intervention and mainstream classrooms.

Neale is a strong advocate for the inclusive classroom and the CSI resource is founded on peer-reviewed research about the power of engagement and cooperative learning approaches blended with explicit instruction so that all learners in diverse classrooms can make strong progress, including ELLs and struggling readers. CSI is distributed in the USA by Pacifi c Learning.

Neale has addressed more than 10,000 educators in recent years, in the US, Canada, the UK, Scandinavia, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and New Zealand. He has been a keynote and/or featured speaker at several international education conferences. In 2011, he will make his seventh appearance at the International Reading Association (IRA) conference. Neale was a featured keynote speaker at the Asian Children’s Festival (2000), the Virginia State Reading Conference (2002) and the Colorado Chapter of the International Reading Association (2004/2009).

Neale co-developed The Literacy Leader, professional development for school principals and literacy leaders (coaches and curriculum specialists). The Literacy Leader has an impact on leadership and student achievement in school districts that implement it. Furthermore, Neale is leading the development, with CORE Education, of Literacy to You, a 21st Century on-line literacy PD, piloted in late 2010 and to be launched in 2011.

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