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Noel RidgeAuthor & Professional Advisor

Noel Ridge is an Australian teacher, staff developer, literacy consultant, Assistant Principal and Principal, who has been involved in consultancy and staff development work with districts and schools in the United States since 1993.

He has worked all over the U.S. providing professional development for administrators, teachers, parents, and students at district, regional, and school levels. He has worked with Teacher’s College at Columbia University and University of California Writing Projects, as well as providing in class modeling for the Reading Recovery Project at New York University.

His consultancy through A.U.S.S.I.E. Inc. has involved curriculum planning, in-class modeling, coaching and debriefi ng, and conducting workshops and seminars. He has wide experience coaching Literacy Specialists and Teaching Coaches in school districts in Virginia, New Jersey, and New York. He has also been a speaker at National, State, and International Literacy conferences.

Noel’s writing appears in books including Literacy Profiles in Practice for Heinemann, a CD-ROM series Teaching Comprehension for AUSSIEPD, curriculum guides for school systems, curriculum plans for schools, teacher guides, and many articles.

Currently available through Pacific Learning is his book, A Teacher’s Guide to Genre Studies for Grades 3-8, the CD based What Next teaching guides for Assess Now Primary, a K-2 assessment program, and the Whole Class Strategy Teaching plans for interactive whiteboard based Shared Reading and Reciprocal Teaching for the US-UK Big Cat K-2 reading program.

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