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Hopscotch Digital El Sistema de la Intervención de Lectura (SIL) – Levels D-I Green Kit
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Hopscotch Digital El Sistema de la Intervención de Lectura (SIL) – Levels D-I Green Kit


The SIL Green Kit uses 45 culturally diverse from the Hopscotch book series. These titles range from guided reading levels D – I and Intervention Levels 4 – 16.

The SIL Green Kit focuses on the following literacy skills:

  • Print awareness
  • Letter knowledge
  • Vocabulary building
  • Reading and writing strategies
  • Reading and writing fluency
  • Oral language development
  • Listening skills
  • Comprehension

The SIL Green Kit provides the following support for your literacy intervention program:

  • Explicit and systematic instruction for small groups
  • Support for identifying individual student strengths and needs
  • Assessments for documentation and for lesson implementation
  • Opportunities for accelerated progress from text Level D to I within a six-week period
  • The opportunity to monitor students' progress on a daily basis
  • Take-home support for parent involvement

The Digital SIL Green Kit includes:

  • 45 titles, levels D – I
  • Teacher Guide (includes records of oral reading and reproducible activity pages)
  • Student writing notebooks
  • Alphabet picture cards
  • High frequency word cards
  • Syllable word cards

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General education
Special education
Response to Intervention (RTI)
English Language Learners (ELL)
Dual language/bilingual
Early Childhood programs

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