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Round the World
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Round the World

Summary: What makes an adventurer? Most people see a classic adventurer as a large, strong man, braving new lands and seeking riches and fame. Sometimes the true definition of an adventurer couldn't be more different. Meet Tania Aebi, a brave eighteen year old girl, who left behind her life in the big city and began a death-defying journey. Tania Aebi had just set out on a trip that few had ever attempted. She was going to sail around the world, by herself. Suddenly a wave crashed over her tiny boat. As she and her ship rolled in the huge waves, she didn't even know if she'd survive the night.

Text Type: Explanation, Recount

Theme/Topic: World Connections, Personal Responsibility

Product Type Individual Title
Weight 3.2 oz
Guided Reading Level S
Grade Level 4th Grade