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Melleron's Magic
  • SKU: PL-7601

Melleron's Magic

Summary: Melleron and his friends are back in this sequel to Melleron's Monsters, Saelez and Horrimal are determined to get their revenge on Melleron, Rose, and Grit and kidnap them. Through cunning and loyalty, the three friends escape and make their way deep into the land of the monsters to get help to stop Saelez and Horrimal once and for all. In adventure after adventure, Melleron is brave and resourceful, and he even learns a little magic along the way. In the end, Melleron thwarts Saelez and Horrimal, befriends the Chief of the Monsters, and is safely flown home with Rose and Grit.

Text Type: Fantasy Fiction

Theme/Topic: Friendship, Conflict and Challenge

Product Type Individual Title
Weight 5.6 oz
Guided Reading Level X
Grade Level 6th Grade