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Spanish Digital Combo Package

Spanish Digital Combo Package


This Digital Package for Grades 2-8+ includes complete digital access to the Spanish language version of https://csi-literacy-cloud.com/ UNTIL 6/30/21 (per student)

Package includes the following:

  • Private Eye/Intrepido Online Interactive Mysteries in Spanish & 18 writing lessons
  • Aventuras 24 Spanish Digital Titles J-M and student activities

Private Eye/Intrepido is a series of engaging 45 to 60-minute online interactive Spanish adventures in which students investigate and solve a real-life mystery!  Cases contain over 100 full color illustrations and digital interactions, multi-choice questions, drag-and-drop puzzles, and writing activities.

  • Develop world knowledge with videos, animations, and text
  •  Learn sequencing through drag-and-drop activities
  • Answer multiple-choice questions and give opinions
  • Assess learning using personalized reports
  • Lesson Plans, Teacher’s Notes, Walkthrough, User Guide

Aventuras transition students from the 'early' to 'fluent' stages of Spanish literacy growth.  This new series of high-interest digital chapter books covers a wide range of fascinating nonfiction content. There are editable online reading lessons and writing activities for a range of flexible and responsive teaching options.  

The Aventuras digital books contain exciting curriculum-based science, mathematics, and social studies content.  They also include essential informational text features – chapters, glossaries, diagrams, and maps.  Each book contains a humorous aunt character named Nat, who guides the reader through the book and asks thought provoking questions with help students to engage in critical thinking and learn more about language function and forms.

price listed is per student 

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