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A Dog for a Day
  • SKU: PL-7507

A Dog for a Day

Summary: Depressed because his father is out of work, Mark wanders the streets of his town until he finds an abandoned, starving dog tied to a fence. Mark stands up to his enemy, Wayne, and saves the dog. His mother won't let him keep it, so as Mark searches for a safe place for the dog, he meets up with a friend of his dad, who manages a restaurant. Soon Mark has found food for Scruffy, a job for his dad at the restaurant, and a home for the dog with an elderly neighbor. In the end, his parents give him permission to bring the dog home, but Mark can't bear to deprive his neighbor of the dog's company, and leaves him where he is.

Text Type: Realistic Fiction

Theme/Topic: Argument, Opinion, and Persuasion, Personal Responsibility

Product Type Individual Title
Weight 3.2 oz
Guided Reading Level R
Grade Level 5th Grade