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Sister Ella
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Sister Ella

Summary: In a twist on a traditional tale, the Cinderella story is told by spoiled Ella's young, kind-hearted stepsister Silla. Although she is beautiful, Ella is obnoxious and cruel to her new stepmother and stepsisters. To ease Ella's tantrums, Silla and her family decide to do everything possible to help Ella shine at the upcoming ball. Ella is indeed beautiful at the ball, and the Prince falls for her, but Ella has to learn a lesson in kindness and humility before they can get married. This title also includes a chapter devoted to showing life in eighteenth-century England, to provide background for the story.

Text Type: Traditional Tales

Theme/Topic: World Connections, Human History

Product Type Individual Title
Weight 4.8 oz
Guided Reading Level X
Grade Level 6th Grade