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Partners in Print English Library: Primary
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Partners in Print English Program: Primary


Partners in Print - Primary is the tried-and-true resource to strengthen parent involvement for beginning readers. The program binder and support materials make it easy to set up"Family Literacy" events in which parents, educators, and children rotate between stations, as they work on fun, focused, activities to build beginning reading. Partners in Print helps schools:

  • Develop a strong school-site parent-involvement program
  • Prepare and empower parents to help their children become confident, successful readers
  • Teach parents ways to become a positive force in their child's literacy development
  • Provide practical ideas for how parents can help also at home. Spanish components are also available.

Meets Title I requirements for parent-involvement programs!

The Partners in Print English program includes:

1 English Basic Kit

  • Resource Binder with 15 Workshops
  • CD set with 52 printable home activity sheets and station posters and a staff development PowerPoint
  • 55 Activity Posters

1 English Library

  • 228 books, 6 each of 38 titles


“It brings parents into school for a positive partnership between parents and students with a connection established that is not threatening but supportive of their efforts.”
–Ellen Lewis
Reading Teacher
Westlawn Elementary

“Partners in Print is a thoroughly well thought out and purposefully planned pre-packaged program to increase parent involvement and knowledge of up to date strategies and skills students are learning in the classroom.”
–Lindsey McCormick
Reading Resource Teacher
Colonel Richardson Middle School

“Partners in Print gives educators an excellent format to launch literacy outreach to parents who want to help their kids become better readers.
–Tanya Zinn Jones
Title 1 SULA Teacher
Weyanoke Elementary School

"Parent involvement increased. Students as well as parents appeared to enjoy the sessions and activities. I would recommend this program to all schools and preschools."
Memphis City School District
Memphis, TN

"In conducting these meetings parents, students, and teachers really responded to the relaxed atmosphere of each meeting. I definitely recommend this program to other schools."
Memphis City School District
Memphis, TN

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