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Cat Out of the Bag
  • SKU: PL-7411

Cat Out of the Bag

Summary: Kirandip is the new girl in town, and she is having a hard time making new friends. Then her elderly neighbor, Mrs. Weston, gets a pregnant cat that she is not allowed to keep. Kirandip helps Mrs. Weston hide the cat, and then the kittens, until one day when Mrs. Weston falls and hurts herself. Kirandip knows she must tell her parents about the cat. Everything turns out well when Mrs. Weston moves to a safer home, keeps her cat, and Kirandip gets a kitten. Best of all, she learns how to make new friends!

Text Type: Realistic Fiction

Theme/Topic: Personal Responsibility, Friendship

Product Type Individual Title
Weight 3.2 oz
Guided Reading Level Q
Grade Level 4th Grade