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CSI Grade 4 Complete Kit
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CSI Grade 4 Complete Kit


CSI - Comprehension Strategies Instruction is a cutting-edge literacy resource for teaching comprehension strategies and improving vocabulary, fluency, and oral language. CSI incorporates English language arts, math, science, and social studies literacy. Drawn from the latest research in teaching and learning, CSI provides students with the strategies they need to become reading detectives who know how to approach and comprehend text across content areas.

CSI-Comprehension Strategies Instruction incorporates 21st century technology with interactive whole group instruction, followed by audio-assisted cooperative learning, and independent application.

Comprehension Strategies Covered:

  • Making Connections
  • Asking Questions
  • Visualizing
  • Drawing Inferences
  • Determining Important Ideas
  • Synthesizing Information
  • Monitoring Comprehension and Repairing Understanding

And you don’t have to be a literacy expert to use CSI! The exemplar lessons provide teachers with the tools to model the effective use of comprehension strategies to increase understanding of content-area texts. CSI has been designed for flexible delivery and is very easy to use. It supports teachers to implement research-based instructional principles with minimal preparation time.


CSI Grade 4 Kit includes:

  • 1 Lesson Plan Book
  • 1 Text for Shared and Modeled Reading book
  • 15 Cooperative Learning Books
  • 31 Student Reflection Journals
  • 2 Audio CD-ROMs
  • 2 Interactive Text CD-ROMs
  • 15 blank transparencies with 15 dry erase markers
  • 8 CSI Chapters books and ebooks  

*Get school- or district-wide unlimited access or networking for the CSI Digital Texts CD-ROMs for a one-time fee.

  • General classroom instruction/supplemental
    • Whole group (interactive shared reading)
    • Small group (cooperative learning)
    • Independent
    • Content area reading
  • Intervention
  • RtI – Response to Intervention
  • After School/Summer School
  • Technology Integration


Q: Who should teach CSI - Comprehension Strategies Instruction?
A:. CSI has been developed for flexible implementation either by general classroom teachers, intervention teachers, reading teachers, special education teachers, or after school/summer school teachers. In middle school and high school implementations, content teachers may benefit from being involved in teaching content area strategy lessons. The more exposure students have to learning the strategies in different areas of the curriculum the more likely it is that they will apply the strategies during independent reading, on standardized tests, and throughout the school year.

Q: How long does it take to implement CSI within my classroom?
A: Implementation varies based on school and student needs. In general: Whole Group: 20-25 minutes/lesson, Small Group: 20-25 minutes/activity, Independent: 20-25 minutes, Prep Time: 10 minutes. Implementation: General Classroom, Intervention/RtI, After School/Summer School, ELL.

Q: What features are included within the CSI program?
A: Features include: Whole-Group Strategy Lesson Folders for each content area (Science, Social Studies, Math, and English Language Arts), Interactive Digital Texts CD-ROM, Cooperative Learning Activities with Texts, Graphic Organizers, and Audio, Student Reflection Journals, and Teachers' Resource Books with Implementation and Assessment support.

Q: Do I need an interactive whiteboard to use the CSI digital texts CD-ROM?
A: No. Although the CSI CD-ROM works nicely with interactive whiteboards, it can also be used with a computer and LCD projector. Overhead transparencies are included in the folders for those classrooms that do not have access to an LCD projector or interactive whiteboard.


"CSI is a kit that is perfect for the times. The text is engaging, the teaching explicit and the journal is a perfect solution to long-term understanding. The interactive technology just puts everything over the top. Thank you again for introducing me to such a valuable resource for my county."
–Cathy Bailey
Literacy Consultant, Chester County, PA

"One major improvement is that students are becoming more aware of their own comprehension and demonstrating the ability to monitor when their comprehension is breaking down. As well, they are learning the strategies they need to employ when their comprehension breaks down."
-Theresa McKee
Instructional Supervisor: English, Newport News Public Schools, VA



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