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Hopscotch Digital Literacy Intervention System (LIS) - Levels D-I Green Kit
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Hopscotch Digital Literacy Intervention System (LIS) - Levels D-I Green Kit


OLiteracy Intervention System (LIS) is an intensive program designed by intervention specialists to help low-achieving first-grade and second-grade students develop independent reading and writing strategies.

The LIS Green Level covers 9 weeks of instruction focusing on fluency, comprehension, and writing in 30- to 35-minute lessons that introduce a new book each day.

The LIS Green Level includes 45 Hopscotch culturally diverse guided reading books featuring colorful photographs that capture children and their life experiences. The books are not translated or adapted. They are written in English and range from text Levels D to I and Intervention Levels 4 to 16.

Focuses on important skills

The LIS focuses on the following literacy skills:

  • Print awareness
  • Letter knowledge
  • Vocabulary building
  • Reading and writing strategies
  • Reading and writing fluency
  • Oral language development
  • Listening skills
  • Comprehension

Supports your core literacy curriculum

The LIS Green Level provides the following support:

  • Explicit and systematic instruction for small groups
  • Identification of individual and student strengths and needs
  • Assessments for documentation to inform instruction
  • Opportunity for accelerated progress from level D to I
  • Opportunity to monitor progress on a daily basis
  • Take-home support for parent involvement

LIS Green Level Components

  • 45 titles levels D-I
  • Alphabet Picture Cards
  • High-Frequency Word Cards
  • Word Family Cards
  • Student Notebooks
  • Teacher Guide 

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