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Jane Eyre
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Jane Eyre

Summary: Orphaned at a young age, Jane Eyre knows nothing but coldness and cruelty in her life with her aunt and cousins. Sent to school, Jane grows to be a well-educated young governess. When she goes to work for a well-to-do family, she falls in love with Mr. Rochester, her employer, and they plan to marry. At the altar, Jane learns that Mr. Rochester is still married to an insane woman living in his house. Jane runs away, inherits a fortune, finds a family, and then returns to find Mr. Rochester. The man is now a blind widower, living alone in misery after trying to save his first wife from a fire. Jane marries him and they live happily ever after.

Text Type: Classic Fiction

Theme/Topic: Human History, Conflict and Challenge

Product Type Individual Title
Weight 5.6 oz
Guided Reading Level Y
Grade Level 6th Grade