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Stories of Sherlock Holmes
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Stories of Sherlock Holmes

Summary: In a series of four short stories, Sherlock Holmes uses his extraordinary intelligence, instincts, and observation skills to solve mysteries. In the first tale, he discovers that a terminally ill father has killed a man to save his daughter from the horrible fate of being a pawn in a blackmail scheme. In the second, he learns that a wicked hotel employee has stolen a valuable blue gem and hidden it in a goose that he then lost, all the while framing another man for his crime. In the third, he hunts down both a missing horse and the killer of a racehorse trainer, only to find that the missing horse killed the man in self-defense. Finally, he saves a young woman from danger as she is hired to impersonate a kidnapped heiress.

Text Type: Classic Fiction, Mystery

Theme/Topic: Adventure, Conflict and Challenge

Product Type Individual Title
Weight 4.8 oz
Guided Reading Level Y
Grade Level 6th Grade