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Mantenerse sano 5-Poster Pack (Staying Healthy)
  • SKU: 10408

Mantenerse sano 5-Poster Pack (Staying Healthy)


The motivational messages on the posters in this Staying Healthy Inspire U Poster 5-Pack will resonate with students and adults of all ages to inspire postive thinking and behavior. Great for display in a school, church, dormitory, or anywhere a little inspiration is needed.

Pack includes 5 motivational posters:

  • -10403 Propague bondad no gérmenes (Spread kindness not germs)
    Spanish: "Propague bondad no gérmenes"
    English Translation: Spread Kindness Not Germs
  • -10404 Alternativas al apretón de manos (Alternatives to handshakes)
    Spanish: "Alternativas al apretón de manos"
    English Translation: Alternatives to handshakes
  • -10405 Manténgase sano. Lave sus manos. (Stay healthy. Wash your hands.)
    Spanish: "Manténgase sano. Lave sus manos."
    English Translation: Stay Healthy. Wash Your Hands.
  • -10406 Juntos mejor (Better together)
    Spanish: "Juntos mejor
    English Translation: Better Together
  • -10407 Prevenga la propagación de gérmenes (Prevent Spreading Germs)
    Spanish: "Prevenga la propagación de gérmenes"
    English Translation: Prevent Spreading Germs
  • Each poster measures 13 3/8" x 19"

    Product Type Poster
    Weight 6.4 oz