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Cool Clive and the Bubble Trouble
  • SKU: PL-7301

Cool Clive and the Bubble Trouble

Summary: Thanks to his little sister, Jade, Clive's life is a mess! This time, Jade (with a little unexpected help from Clive) has agreed to take care of Bubble the hamster during school vacation. Things are going well until Bubble gets lost. Clive buys a replacement hamster, then Bubble is found, and soon there are hamsters galore! Mom is getting more and more upset until Clive finds the perfect solution: sell the baby hamsters, return Bubble to school, and keep a hamster as a pet for Jade. Main Characters: Clive, Jade, Mom

Text Type: General Narrative

Theme/Topic: Family, Personal Responsibility

Product Type Individual Title
Weight 2.4 oz
Guided Reading Level N
Grade Level 3rd Grade