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Cool Clive and the Little Pest
  • SKU: PL-7302

Cool Clive and the Little Pest

Summary: Clive's little sister, Jade, is a mess! It is the first day of school and she is terrified, so Mom tells Clive to take care of her. Clive does his best, but despite his best efforts, Jade manages to smuggle Bubble the hamster home. When Clive goes back to school to return Bubble, he finds out the school is about to be robbed. Clive, with a little help from Mrs. Mopping the custodian, keeps his cool and saves his school. Main Characters: Clive, Jade, Mom

Text Type: General Narrative

Theme/Topic: Family, Personal Responsibility

Product Type Individual Title
Weight 2.4 oz
Guided Reading Level N
Grade Level 3rd Grade
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