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In the Forest
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In the Forest


A Nonfiction Science Series for Beginning Readers

Just try to keep these books on the shelves! Children can't resist "diving" into these brightly colored books to explore their favorite topics. Young scientists will examine plant parts and animal features "up close" and then turn the page to see how these smaller parts fit into the "bigger picture." Children will take a close-up view of the powerful ears of a bat, the thorny stem of a blackberry bush, the sticky tongue of a fly, and more. Also perfect for five-senses study, this 24-book series of books features outstanding photographs by renowned nature photographer Dwight Kuhn and easy-to-read text by award-winning children's author David M. Schwartz.

Product Type Individual Title
Weight 1.76 oz
Guided Reading Level Q
Grade Level 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade
Author(s) David M. Schwartz
Page Count 16