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Plantas "Asesinas"


Engaging informational texts (that pack a fun surprise) for readers transitioning from simple informational texts to more complex, content-rich chapter books. 

To prepare transitional readers, the Pathways books contain exciting curriculum-based science, mathematics, and social studies content. They also include essential informational text features – chapters, glossaries of academic and general language, breakouts, pictures, captions, diagrams, and maps. Pathways is a flexible resource suitable for explicit teaching and learning, and as a classroom library. 

The Pathways books are complex and challenging, with strong scaffolds to support transitional learners. They contain unique and fun features (see over page) to help keep readers feeling supported and on track to fluency in reading. 

All 24 Pathways books come with downloadable lesson plans in an editable format that you can personalize to your learners’ needs.

Each Pathways book includes an ant character named Nat, who guides the reader through the book and asks thought-provoking questions about what they have just read. In the middle of each book is a fun, four-page, fold out “Ant tunnel.” 

Throughout each book, Nat’s questions help students to connect with the text on a deeper level, and to consider and express their own opinions and ideas. The questions give students the opportunity to engage in critical thinking and to learn more about language function and forms. Some are funny to encourage student engagement and enjoyment.


Product Type Individual Title
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Guided Reading Level K