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The Goalie from Nowhere
  • SKU: PL-7400

The Goalie from Nowhere

Summary: In the midst of practicing for their championship soccer game, Josh and his teammates notice the strange kid watching them from the sidelines. The kid says he is a goalie -- a good one. Then Josh's team's goalie breaks his nose right before the big game. Josh has to play in goal, and his team is losing badly. Then he decides that the strange kid can step into the game. The kid was right -- he's an amazing goalie, and Josh's team wins the game. The kid is gone before the celebration begins, and Josh later learns that the kid shouldn't have been playing at all -- he'd been dead for many years.

Text Type: Fantasy Fiction

Theme/Topic: Sports, Friendship

Product Type Individual Title
Weight 2.4 oz
Guided Reading Level Q
Grade Level 4th Grade