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Too-Good-to-Be-True Shoes
  • SKU: PL-7406

Too-Good-to-Be-True Shoes

Summary: When Jake finds the best running shoes he has ever seen sitting on a trash can, he decides they are just what he needs for his upcoming track meet. When he runs in them, he goes faster than he ever has before. Anna soon figures out that the shoes are not normal, and that they are doing the running for Jake. Kevin Beadle, Jake's enemy, decides to steal the shoes. Kevin wins the big race, but not before the shoes' true owners show up ... from the future. The shoes go back to where they belong, Kevin is taught a lesson about greed, and Jake decides next year he'll win on his own terms.

Text Type: Fantasy Fiction

Theme/Topic: Sports, Friendship

Product Type Individual Title
Weight 2.4 oz
Guided Reading Level P
Grade Level 4th Grade
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