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Summary: Tom knows how smart his dog Jacko is, so when Jacko doesn't come home one day, Tom knows something is terribly wrong. All around the farm where Tom lives there are dangerous mineshafts tucked into the hills -- some well marked, and some not. The weather is cold and snowy, but Tom searches for his dog, hears him yelp, and falls into a hidden shaft, breaking his arm. Somehow he climbs to safety, and after leaving the hospital, leads his family to where Jacko is trapped in a shaft. Much to the rescue squad's surprise, Jacko is not alone in the mine -- Tom's elderly neighbor is there too, and Jacko has saved his life by staying with him and barking for help.

Text Type: Realistic Fiction

Theme/Topic: Conflict and Challenge, Personal Responsibility

Product Type Individual Title
Weight 3.2 oz
Guided Reading Level S
Grade Level 5th Grade