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Treasure Island
  • SKU: PL-7610

Treasure Island

Summary: When Jim finds a treasure map after the terrible death of an ex-pirate, he, the doctor, and a well-to-do squire mount up a plan to take a ship to the island where the treasure is hidden. Little do they know, the crew -- led by Long John Silber -- has plans to mutiny and take the treasure, Jim, his friends, and the few loyal crew stage many battles against the mutineers, including a small one in which Jim single-handedly recaptures the ship. Then, with the help of an ex-pirate who had been stranded on the island, they find the treasure, defeat the mutineers, and make it home safely.

Text Type: Classic Fiction

Theme/Topic: Adventure, Connections with Native People

Product Type Individual Title
Weight 5.6 oz
Guided Reading Level Y
Grade Level 6th Grade