Pacific Learning & DiBS Platform Privacy Policy

Pacific Learning digital is built on the Digital Bookroom solutions eBook platform.

Our Privacy Policy is fueled by our commitment to the following Privacy Principles:

1. We’re deeply committed to creating a safe and secure online environment for our customers.

2. We strive to collect as little personal information as possible, in most cases “none”.

3. We do not sell your personal information to third parties.

4. We believe the District/School System owns their data and we will delete upon request

5. We offer “Generic” user access for schools that do not wish to load their students and teachers.

Teacher/Admin Logins

For a Teacher or Administrator, we require:

● First Name

● Last Name

● Email Address (Used as Login ID)

● Password

● School

Our eBooks are simultaneous/Multi-user access titles and are licensed to a school building.

There are no subscriptions and the books are perpetually licensed.

Therefore, we need the name and email to be associated with a school building for licensing.

We do not send marketing emails to teachers from this data.

We reserve the right to send “application” related status emails in the future.

Student Logins

For students we offer two ways to connect:

● Generic Student Access Mode

● Individual Student Access Mode

“Generic Student Access” mode means students do not have individual student logins.

All Students use the same login. The login is “Read Only” and therefore cannot save markups and teachers

cannot assign students books to read. Teachers cannot see individual students’ reading logs or markups.

“Individual Access” mode, allows teachers to search for and assign books to Classes and Groups.

Teachers can even assign up to 5 interactive graphic organizers for each title.

Using the teacher dashboard, teachers can view a student’s markups on a book, what they typed on the

interactive graphic organizer, and reading logs of the students

For a student we require:

● Last Name

o Does not have to be real

● Login ID

o Can be a alphanumeric code (at least 4 digits) or an email address

Does not have to be a real email address

o Login ID must be unique for the district

● Password

● School

o For licensing, need to tie the login ID to that school

We do not send marketing emails to students even if we have their emails.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:

Ricky Harlow

Click on pins for info or click the icon in the top left corner of the map window to display the list view.