Enhance Literacy – Fluency Levels L-V kit


SKU: PL-6691

Boost literacy skills and engagementwith high-interest, cross-curricular, fiction and informational texts! Short, explicit lesson plans and formative assessments provide a resource for targeted instruction that builds reading independence and stamina. Enhance Literacy offers comprehension, fluency and language instruction that accelerate and complement the skills students need to be proficient readers.
Enhance Literacy also benefits students who may need additional support in literacy and language. Students work collaboratively as they read, deconstruct, and respond to the texts orally and in writing.
Enhance Literacy contains: Click here for more details

120 engaging reading and writing activities
Lesson plans designed to easily incorporate into core curriculum
120 high-interest, short, leveled, cross-curricular texts with 60 fluent audio models
120 graphic organizers that support the writing process
Academic and general vocabulary
Language support for English learners