Spanish Welcome Banner – Bienvenidos


SKU: 8154

Make a positive statement with this Bold & Bright ¡Bienvenidos! (Welcome) Spanish Banner! This versatile 2-sided banner features a different message on each side—Side 1: “¡Bienvenidos!” (Welcome) and Side 2: “¡Nunca Deja De Aprender!” (Never Stop Learning). It can be used during back-to-school to welcome students and parents then flipped over for a positive, motivational message the rest of the school year.
The colorful design and inspiring messages make this Spanish banner perfect to use in so many places—a classroom, office, hallway, church, daycare, college dorm, and more! The banner measures over 3 feet wide!
Side 1:Horizontal Design: “¡Bienvenidos!” spelled out on colorful pennants. Side 2:Horizontal Design: “¡Nunca Deja De Aprender!” featuring a bold black and white striped background with colorful letters accented by blue polka dots and red push pins.

39″ x 8″